How To Get A Better CV

Your CV says why an employer should consider you.
What does your CV say about you?

Why CVs Fail

Recruiters tell us that CVs fail when they look boring, follow an old-fashioned, misdirected format, when they are too long, packed with irrelevant detail, and contain grammatical errors. And when the cover letter is poor.

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A CV That Gets Results

Your CV is a sales pitch for an expensive product – you. It should therefore follow the principles of persuasion. Ideally it should be written by a professional copywriter who understands what a CV is about.

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Getting The Help You Need

There are several ways in which we can help you…
We can appraise your current CV, advise and guide you in improving it, help you identify your added value, or do it all for you, with a money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

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All Done For You

The comprehensive CV-writing service gives you the best chance of being invited for interview. Following a lengthy conversation on the phone or Skype, it promotes your added value and prepares you for the interview as well.

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We do not employ juniors. You will be led through the entire process by a partner in the company.

If you contact us, we’ll give you good advice, not a hard sell.

Our 100%-refund satisfaction guarantee remains unclaimed since 1989!

Who Is Behind CVs That Work?

The team to take your CV to the next level was originally CV-Masterclass, which was started by Steve Holmes in 1989, when he devised a new approach to helping applicants get interviews.

His researches told him that most CVs were just hopeless—structured assemblies of work histories, loaded with extraneous details of private interests and hobbies and every exam passed since their days at school.

The new style CV proved very effective and Steve was rushed off his feet by the demand for his services. In recent years his health suffered grievously, and he shared his workload with Bill, who has now retired.

Since the start of 2013, the writing has been done by Phillip K. Panni, formerly Senior Copywriter at Reader’s Digest, and Managing Director of Employment Publications Ltd.

Phillip is a professional speaker (on verbal communication), author of eight books on communication skills and a co-founder of the Professional Speaking Association. His business background is in sales and direct marketing.

His approach to CV writing is to help the client to identify his or her added value and to focus the CV on that. The process also helps to prepare the client for the interview process. There’s an element of consultancy involved, with clients often saying they hadn’t previously realised the full extent of what they had to offer.

Interview Coaching

One-to-one preparation

Here you will benefit from 1-to-1 interview coaching sessions as you tap into the knowledge and experience of a leading recruitment professional. So you’ll be able to discuss practical interview issues and concerns that really matter to you.

The free interview skills appraisal will help you to determine which topics you need to cover and for how long.

Here are some of the most popular:

  • Having an objective, professional evaluation of your interview technique
  • Checking out the answers you should give to typical interview questions
  • Coaching in techniques that will help you to control your nerves, stay calm and keep your focus throughout your interview
  • Teaching you how to structure your answers and think on your feet
  • Preparing you for specific forthcoming interviews
  • Learning how to deal with a variety of different recruitment scenarios (e.g. panel interviews, psychometric assessment, discussion groups)
  • Ensuring that every aspect of your interview preparation is up to scratch

Our Services and Fees

Every client receives our special attention.
From these options you can choose services perfectly suited to your needs.

£47within 48 hours

email CV Appraisal

  • Why aren't you getting interviews?
  • Quick professional reaction
  • Without advice or remedy
  • Response sent by email
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£74up to 20 mins on phone

Phone CV Appraisal

  • Why aren't you getting interviews?
  • Quick professional reaction
  • Review of your current CV
  • Appraisal by telephone
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£175within 2 weeks

CV Mentoring

  • Extended appraisal
  • We guide you to write your CV
  • Follow-up by phone/WhatsApp/Skype
  • Explanation of plan
  • Followed by review
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CV Writing

  • Bespoke CV
  • Based on e-interview
  • Fee includes:
  • fine-tuning
  • additional conversations
  • interview coaching.
  • Fee based on salary
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Expected Salary


Expected Salary


Expected Salary


Expected Salary

Interview coaching

Complete preparation for your interview


Completely bespoke guidance, extending any of the services above

Cover Letter

However brilliant your CV is, it may not get read if your cover letter is poor. The job of the cover letter is to sell your CV. We can help you write a cover letter that works for you. Significant discount if bundled with any other CV service.

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