How It Works

Detail of the CV service

Having to “sell” yourself can be irritating, frustrating and even humiliating—the need to put yourself in the hands of people who may not appreciate what you have to offer, people who treat you like a commodity, people who judge you.

Almost everyone makes a hash of it and ends up with a compromise CV that doesn’t really capture what they want to say and obviously isn’t going to impress the recruiters it is sent to.

You can get help—help that works

We’ve been doing this for over 25 years. We have orchestrated many thousands of successful job applications. Our clients are all over the world and moving between countries, from new graduates to CEO’s earning £200K plus—all sectors, all functions, from technical people to media celebrities, from sales to strategy, from agribusiness to finance. Our clients are usually trying to leverage ambitious career change and this includes interim managers, freelancers, contractors and people who run their own business and are seeking clients.

The greatest challenge, no matter how successful you are, no matter how talented, clever and charismatic—the greatest challenge is to see yourself as others might see you if you gave them your best. That is our starting point: substantial telephone interviews that identify your assets, strengthen your confidence, clarify your purpose and prepare you for pitfalls at interview. We challenge all our clients a little, only we’re on their side and the purpose is to strengthen them.

The outcome

When we talk we capture the thought processes, the conceptual landscape and the speech patterns of the client, enabling us to then draft a CV that sounds like the best of them and not like us.

And then we talk again, discussing the issues freely, refining everything until the client is utterly confident in their application and absolutely prepared to adopt the kind of professional persona that works in getting recruited. No longer a victim of cattle trading, you are likely to achieve quite dramatic results and we stand by throughout that process to offer help, advice and the resolution of nagging doubts and salary negotiations.

That’s it. Much more than CV writing. More like an education in what your professional assets really are and how to get the best from them.