Details of Our Services

CV Appraisal

This is a quick, professional reaction to your current CV, without advice or remedy. You can choose to receive the Appraisal by email or by phone.

Delivery methodService feePurchase
by email£74
by phone£124 for 20–30mins

The value of the Appraisal is to alert you to any weaknesses that may be preventing you from getting as many interviews as you’d like.

CV Mentoring

This is an extension of the Appraisal. I guide your hand, and you write your own CV. The CV mentor service has been designed as a cost-effective way to for you to create a brilliant new CV with input from an expert. NOTE: It is not a complete CV rewrite; for that service, please go to CV Writing.

The way it works is that you send me your CV, I do an Appraisal, and we then speak on the phone, WhatsApp or Skype. I explain what needs to be done, and later comment on your version.

What you get:
After sending your CV / cover letter for evaluation…

  1. 20–30 minutes on the phone with Phillip Khan-Panni before you begin the writing process. This should point towards a unique CV matching your situation and far better than you could ever obtain using a typing agency.
  2. After the reconstruction work, a second discussion with Phillip to appraise your achievement, suggest any further improvements and generally ensure that you are totally confident in your new CV / cover letter. A few minutes by Phillip of minor formatting and final rewriting of the odd troublesome phrase or sentence can be included if you choose this service, plus…
  3. You cannot go wrong—if the writing proves challenging at any point, Phillip can step in to assist you on a pay-per-hour basis (though very few people need this extra help).
Delivery methodService feePurchase

CV Writing

This gets you a completely new CV, using the information you provide together with the outcome of an extended conversation on the phone, WhatsApp or Skype.

It includes fine-tuning without further charge and additional conversations as necessary. It includes elements of consultancy to help you prepare for the interview process.

Remember, your CV is a sales pitch for the expensive product that is you, and its purpose is to improve your chances of being invited for interview. Tinkering with an old, unsuccessful CV is not the answer. You will need a fresh approach.

The fee is based on your salary level, reflecting the research necessary to do justice to your skills, aptitudes and work experience:

Expected Salary LevelService feePurchase
Up to £25,000 Full CV Writing*£275

£25K to £50K Full CV Writing*£425

£50K to £75K Full CV Writing*£550

£75K + Full CV Writing*£695

Cover letter

However brilliant your CV is, it may not get read if your cover letter is poor. The job of the cover letter is to sell your CV.

The cover letter that says, “Dear Sir/Madam, I enclose herewith my CV…” will fail. So will a 4-page letter that repeats much of what the CV contains.

ServiceService feePurchase
Cover letter alone£297

Cover letter with CV (separate fee)£197
Cover letter (written for you) when booked with CV£95

Interview coaching

Conducted entirely on Skype, this service will prepare you for the interview – what you need to do in advance, what to take with you, how to project yourself positively, handling questions, and the questions you need to ask yourself. The number of sessions will be determined in a preliminary Skype call, and the fee will be quoted based on that.

ServiceService feePurchase
Skype interview coaching£247 for 40 mins


This is an extension of any or all the other services listed above, and consists of detailed guidance on your career choice, your aptitudes, self-development, getting your point across effectively, or making the best impression at interview. The exact fee will be agreed after discussion. Contact us to find out more.

Expected Salary LevelService feePurchase
£90K+ pa Consultancy on added value and bespoke CV (done for you)£695

£75K–90K p.a. Consultancy on added value and bespoke CV (done for you)£595

£40K–75K Consultancy on added value and bespoke CV (done for you)£495

Under £40K Consultancy on added value and bespoke CV (done for you)£345